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Salute 2 Service Holding Pandemic Relief Event 8/22/20

Salute 2 Service will be holding an event serving the community on Saturday, August 22 at our headquarters in Bristol, PA.

We will be providing the necessities and resources for local veterans and families struggling through the pandemic.

This includes:

- food - clothing - comfort items (toiletries, personal protection equipment etc.) - resource information - assistance receiving benefits

We have seen many community members lose their jobs, their housing and more. It is our duty to stand up and get them the help they need in this difficult time.

We encourage all in need to visit us on Saturday, August 22nd at 11AM. If you know someone in need of assistance, please refer them to this event or have them contact our office if they're unable to make it.

If you'd like to support, we are in need of volunteers in the coming weeks and days leading up to the event. We will also need volunteers the day of the event to set up clothing racks among other things.

As always, we're seeking donations to make this event great and help as many as possible.

To learn more, visit our volunteer/ donation page or send us a message below.

If you're a business owner or know one that would like to set up a table at our event to promote jobs, please contact us at salute2serviceteam@gmail.com.

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