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Salute 2 Service Launches Annual Fundraiser

Updated: Aug 27, 2019


For years, Salute 2 Service Founder/ Executive Director Rodney Wyatt has tirelessly worked to help hundreds of homeless and at-risk veterans because he saw too many suffering in his community. He has relied on donations from those who had seen his relentless work, and many times has had to dip into his own pocket to provide cash or supplies to those who need it most.

This winter, Rodney and Salute 2 Service moved into a new headquarters in Bristol. With it, Salute 2 Service is now able to help more veterans than ever and has become a place where those in need can come to get immediate assistance. With the new HQ and the increased demand for assistance, however, comes a need for more money to keep up with the growth. 

With Rodney and his team in the field working with veterans on a daily basis, it is imperative for Salute 2 Service to raise money to support our efforts. With your donation, Salute 2 Service will be secure in covering the overhead of running the day-to-day operations of the organization, allowing Rodney and his team the ability to focus on its outreach programs to make a difference in our community.  Funding will also be used to provide those who walk through our door with food, clothing, shelter, career assistance, and anything else they may need to reach their full potential.

DVeterans come to Salute 2 Service homeless, hungry, and in need of help that they can't find anywhere else. With your generous donation, we will make sure there is always a door open for them when they have nowhere else to turn, because with Salute 2 Service, we  LEAVE NO VETERAN BEHIND


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