veteran nonprofit Salute 2 Service helps those homeless and in distress

Salute 2 Service

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Find out how Salute 2 Service helps local veterans reach their full potential

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From our Director


"After two active and 4 inactive years serving as a Marine, I spent seven as a veterans representative for the Commonwealth, where I got a firsthand look at the obstacles veterans face every day trying to acclimate back into civilian society. Some can't find work, some have to jump through hoops to receive medical assistance, and others need help filing service-connected claims regarding injuries they sustained while serving our country, to name a few. They spend 4-6-10-20, many years in service and return home to nothing, being rejected at every turn. The state does the best it can, but in my estimation their best isn't good enough for the men and women that have sacrificed so much of their lives for their country. That is why I started Salute 2 Service, creating an environment where they can move forward and relax, setting up programs and providing services and resources to assist all who donned a uniform of the U.S. military. My mission, passion, and purpose in this life is to assist each and every one of them in obtaining and achieving what they deserve. We owe them much more than they are getting and Salute 2 Service is going to do whatever it takes to make it possible.


-Rodney Wyatt, Executive Director/ Founder, Salute 2 Service

Our Mission


Salute 2 Service is dedicated to providing outreach programs to veterans and their families in need.We strive to ensure that those who sacrificed for us have the ability to reach their full potential personally and professionally.

What We Do


Salute 2 Service is focused on providing the core resources necessary for our community's veterans to lead the lives they deserve. Some of what we do includes:

  • Emergency assistance

  • Pranic Healing Service through Zoom

  • Career guidance and job search assistance

  • Help obtaining medical records and other documents related to service

  • Community outreach

  • Weekly grocery giveaway



In their words...

"I was living on the street; hungry, cold with no hope. Within an hour I had much needed help with a place to move into, clothes, food. A Wonderful place to go. God bless this place"


- Scott G.


As a widow, I needed help and I had no idea where to turn. Salute 2 Service was there to give me the information I was looking for and get me all the benefits I was entitled to. I would advise anyone who is in trouble to visit Salute 2 Service. They will fight for you and pick you up when you need it the most.
- Sondra P.